Just for Fun

The “Just For Fun” Collection brings attention to the mainstream feelings we might have around the idea of doing something “just for fun”. We’ve been told that doing something just for fun means to do something just for enjoyment, and not for any “serious” reason. 

Well, Kids Up Front is reclaiming fun. We’re here to say that FUN IS SERIOUS. 

Whether it’s through recreation, playing, arts and cultural activities, sports or other forms of entertainment, fun experiences: 

  • Help kids to engage with others in more positive ways 
  • Increase levels of creativity and communication 
  • Improve mental and physical health 
  • Help relieve many symptoms of anxiety and depression 
  • Help kids to develop a feeling of belonging and inclusion 
  • Create stronger bonds between kids and their families and/or caregivers 

Fun actually helps children and youth to thrive and meet their full potential – which is what we’re all about here at Kids Up Front. 

Join our movement. Wear the Just For Fun motto as a symbol of your championing for keeping the spirit of fun alive and accessible for ALL children and youth!